Daily Fantasy Sports Picker

Daily Fantasy Sports, or DFS, is a new type of sports betting which has recently come into vogue. Because there is some element of skill, prosecutors (including New York City attorney general Schneiderman, who the project is named after), have been unable to shut it down in the majority of the country. In this paper, we will detail an automated decision system that we have constructed, using various paradigms of decision making , to play Daily Fantasy sports. Section 2 gives a detailed explanation of the fantasy sports problem along with a mathematical problem statement. Section 3 breaks down our various data sources and methods for scraping them. It also explains the database we use to hold the data. Section 4 contains our methodology for cleaning the data into the final features we base the model on. Section 5 explains how our linear regression algorithm of choice works, and gives a human-friendly explanation of the model. In section 6 we talk about how we generate our lineups using our projections . In section 7 we put our money where our mouths are and bet on our lineups. Finally, in section 8, we explain how to run the program and what the requirements are.

The code and paper can be found here.